Serial Entrepreneur & Community Strategy Consultant

based in Warsaw, Poland

I advise and help founders and entrepreneurs create, validate, build and launch solid digital products and create working for business communities.


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My experience

I am sure that each person has huge potential hidden from the rest of the world that can impact the world. My task is to help strengthen the founder and their team's internal potential and help them overcome their internal restrictions that interfere more than competitors.”

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● 5+ years of community experience (creation, development, moderation, automation) ● 9+ years of experience in creating your business and implementing joint projects ● Moderated more than 77 mastermind groups for managers and entrepreneurs ● Have founded the largest business community in Belarus, with more than 1000 participants by subscription ● 470+ hours of individual and corporate consulting ● Speaker of business events, corporate consultant, and mentor startups

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What I Do

👪 Community Building ****

I create and grow highly engaged online audiences via email and social marketing techniques.

🔎 Customer Development ****

I help identify the correct problems to solve so that you build something that your customers will buy, helping you learn more about your customers.

💻 Product Management

I combine business, tech, and design to discover valuable, feasible, and usable products.

🚀 MVPs

I help to create lean, highly effective MVP experiments. Testing with real people against actual problems to ensure your core assumptions are validated.

🧭 Product Strategy

I help teams and founders create and maintain a clear and defined product and go-to-market strategy.

👥 Groups Facilitation ****

I specialize in moderating group work in action project teams. Use mastermind framework for the improvement of team velocity.

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